Maize Corn from vietnam

vietnam-maiz- seeds vietnam-maiz- seeds
maize-seed-export-from-vietnam maize-seed-export-from-vietnam
corn-seed-from-vietnam corn-seed-from-vietnam
corn-seed-from-vietnam corn-seed-from-vietnam
vietnam maize export vietnam maize export
 Maize Seeds that is free from bacteria and fungal diseases. One of the foremost cereal crops, this is widely used in food industries especially for human consumption as well as for animal feed. Our corn seeds are sourced from highly reliable growers of corn seeds. Yellow corn seeds that we cater are in high demand due to their sweet taste and long lasting shelf life.


  • Use Cattle, Chicken, Fish, Horse, Pig
    Moisture 14 % max
    Broken 4 % max
    Foreign matter 1% max
    Heat damaged kernels 0.5 % max
    Total damaged kernels 3.5 % max
    Protein 9 % min
    Admixture 2.5 % max
    Aflatoxin total: 20 % max
    Hectoliters 68 KC min
    Weight of bushel/lbs 54 min
    Radiation None
    Poisonous seeds 2 seeds /100Kg

  • Packing in bulk or 50 kg new Jute Bags.
    MOQ 1 20’DC by Sea
    Delivery time Within 10-20 days after open L/C or transfer 50% in advance
    Payment term L/C, D/P, T/T
    POD Ho Chi Minh Port


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