Joss powder


Common name: Joss powder / Jigat /Incense powder /Agarbatti/ Litsea glutinosa powder, Wood bark glue Powder/Tepung Lengket/Tepung joss

Joss powder is a herbal/botanical product which is made completely from red bark, green bark and leave of Litsea Glutinosa tree in central highland of Vietnam.

Uses of Joss powder

Its powder has variety of functionality to various manufacturing work as raw materials. Due to its excellent viscosity & adhesive properties it is used mainly as binding material in Fragrance Sticks and Mosquito Repellent Coils manufacturing industry.
There are various qualities of Joss/Jigat Powder, depending on percentage of bark and leaf of Litsea glutinosa. The tabu powder  of 36 cup (highest quality) are made from pure red bark. We can supply various assortments of Joss powder from low viscosity to very high quality as per client’s demand.

joss powder
Joss powder for making incense

+ For Incense sticks industry we supply  from 18 cups up to 40 cups, testing by very good experience skill hands.

+ For mosquito coils industry: we supply from 5cups up to 15 cups. Testing by Brookfeild machine giving CPS number from 5000cps upto 12.000cps. and also testing by hand skill.

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